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    How are some of you marketing and getting Mobile Site Conversions.

    On the Mobile site there is a view full site (not of much value)

    On the main site we have added a (Be sure to visit our site from your favorite hand held device)

    The main problem we are having is people search on Google for products, they see our product listing on Google base and click to buy. The potential buyer clicks on the product. The client to not taken to the product page of the mobile site but instead is taken to the home page. This is not good as the client assumes the product does not exsist and clicks the back button. No conversion.

    I have added a feature request for this to be fixed. You can view and vote for this fix here

    I had a few more ideas on this matter such as:
    Sub Damain for the Mobile Site.
    Site map for the mobile site.

    But any way just wanted to here what some of you are doing proactively to promote your Mobile Site.
    Go Live Industries

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    Most of our customers do not use the mobile site, but that is mostly due to our demographic. One important note, though, is that we had to code out the View Full Site button. Our mobile customers complained heavily that they kept clicking that button, but the cannot get to the full site. I submitted a ticket about this, and lo and behold - support told me that if you have auto-detect enabled, the customer will never be able to access the full site no matter what. On the flip side, if you disable auto-detect, the customer never sees the mobile version. So why have that button at all if it doesn't work?
    Laura Z
    Brass & Silver Traditions


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      Yes Laura very good point. Thanks for pointing that out. These type of learning experiences that should be and are not on the page where one gets the JS code for the redirect is exactly what makes this the users forum. We get 70-100 visitors a day and have much interest in the mobile site as we sell makeup.

      At this point till there is more pressure to make things right. (I hate it when things are designed to fail or the discloser is left out to make one look good)
      I am thinking of removing the JS to redirect to the mobile site. And put a big button on the main site detail page with the invite to view the mobile site.

      But first I am waiting for some fixes on the incomplete mobile site checkout. I have a level 2 support ticket in for a few days. I hope all goes well although it has been four days with no solution. We had to leave our last cart due to to many incomplete ideas and they would never look back. All we ever got was we're looking into this and ticket closed. Seems only enough of a feature was implemented to advertise the feature for new sign ups but the features never worked.

      Please see the kind words spoken by Jeff M:
      Shopping engines are not compatible with the mobile version of the site. My apologies for any inconvenience.

      Some more kind words from Clayton S:
      Unfortunately, at this time there is no way to change the mobile site to a subdomain, nor is there a separate site map.

      3dcart seems like a caring bunch, time will tell.
      Some people work differently, in my court we provide solutions.

      I'm not sure if the mobile site was designed to make conversions or just for fun?

      Please do share any tips or suggestions that you may have regarding the mobile site.

      Love to here from you!
      Go Live Industries