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  • Need help with template 30016

    Ok, I'm new to this. I've been searching every source of help for about a month and still cannot get my frame width to change at all. I don't want to make huge changes. Have learned how to move simple things and change colors. But I can't go live until I get the width to 980 or 880 or something else.

    I have cache turned off and every other change I make works.

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    Settings->Design->Header and Footer. Storefront Screen Width (Choose Width Drop down Menu) and save. Just a note. If you have a banner on your homepage header that is wider than the body frame of your home page it will adjust only the home page to fit the banner and every other page will be your actual selected size. The banner should always fit the interior dimensions of the homepage header so that it doesn't stretch the page to fit the banner.


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      Thanks. I think it was my banner. Everything moved right back once I removed it for testing. Appreciate the advice.