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Can't Get Custom Cat_1 Template To Show New Button

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  • Can't Get Custom Cat_1 Template To Show New Button

    Hi all,

    I'm messing around with changing the Cat_1 template to have a custom button ("Click to Shop" vs. the default "Add to Cart"), but I can't for the life of me figure out why the change isn't showing or happening.

    I've followed the steps listed in the Knowledge Base Article "How Do I Change The Default Add To Cart Button?" in the Category section, including changing each of the several occurrences of the original code, unless I somehow missed one????? (,7).

    I then changed the category template (Advanced Options --> Category Page Settings) for the specific category to "Style 2" (which if I'm not mistaken would showcase the Cat_1 template that I've created with the new "Click to Shop" button).

    The site is not live and still undergoing changes, but here is a link to the specific category in question.

    Thank you in advance for any suggestions!

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    It's tough to say, there are multiple things it could be. Did you try clearing the cache on the backend?


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      Thanks, cbsteven, I don't have cache enabled and even tried looking at it from a different computer (that has never before gone to that site), and it isn't working correctly. I'm on a live chat with tech support right now to hopefully solve this problem.

      Thanks again for your input and I'll be sure to post the results should I figure it out in case anyone else ever has this problem.



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        Try clearing your cache (Settings > General > Store Settings, bottom of the page) or going to Store Language (Settings > Design > Store Language) and just clicking to save the Store Language page. Both will reset the display of the site so that your changes can be seen.


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          If you don't have cache set up, do the Store Language trick. It works every time for me.


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            Hi piaf, thanks for the advice, but unfortunately that didn't do the trick either. I have a feeling that it's less of a cache/display/Store Language problem and an actual problem with how I've coded it (or how it's coded into 3D cart's system).

            I was told in a chat with tech support that the change would be tough to change because it deals with CSS (calling it "_btn") and HTML combined. Unfortunately, I know nothing about CSS and very little about HTML, so it looks like case closed for now. Luckily, it's not that big of a deal, I can live with the "Add to Cart" buttons, just preferred a different look ("Click to Shop").

            The only thing I can't quite figure out is what that Knowledge Base article is referring to (if I understood it correctly and the application that I interpreted it was meant for was correct, it seems that following those instructions should have worked for what I was trying to do...).

            Oh well, thanks again cbsteven and piaf!