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  • Image Gallery for Non-Products

    Have you ever tried to build a reference page with several images?
    I have several products and I'd like to have a link to a "product install procedures" page.

    There are about 8 different images and a thumbnail won't work. They need to expand when click. BUT, the Image Gallery would be perfect.

    Has anyone used a Content page with a clickable image gallery? (The content page is the one that is created in Site Content>extra page.)
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    I've been bouncing around the same thing for assembly instructions. I could write a static html page or PDF for each but...
    My thought was to make them into products with no price.
    Copy our preferred catalog list and detail templates and remove the price and add to cart stuff then paste into unused list and detail templates.
    Assign the "products" to those display pages.
    Any better ideas?
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      You can use a product custom field (you do have 10 of these to work with, if you haven't used them up already) for a pdf doc that will display on the product page for easy download. (this can be in the form of a image so that it would display well)
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        I tried the product route before. I can't quite recall, but I think there were two problems:
        1- Feeds with a non-product still displayed the non-product. Making it non-searchable doesn't remove it from the feed.

        2- To use this as a fake "product", doesn't it need a price?
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          I don't think a price is required if you make the item Not for Sale. We had one page like this in the past, and as I recall all we ha to do to remove the price was check that Not for Sale box.

          As far as I know for the feeds, it does have to be manually excluded.
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            Thanks. It looks like it's going to work great.

            Now I'm working on the fields. I know that there was a way I uploaded the files before when I added a field to an existing product. But, now I can't do it. I'm going to post a separate message so that if someone is trying to figure it out, we'll have a thread :)
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