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How to center banner in header and footer?

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  • How to center banner in header and footer?

    Hello all! My banner isn't centered in my header and footer. You can see what I mean at I tried to center is when I went into the design mode but even though it says right it obviously isn't. Can you help me out?

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    The issue is that the footer image is outside of the table that frames the layout of the site. You could either move it into the table (add another row) or create another table beneath it with the same width (table width="620"). Good luck!


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      How do I add another row? Where would I find that html? I have not been able to find out how to move the footer into the frame


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        I love makeup and sexy girly stuff.

        Ok this is what you got.
        In the header you have a table with two columns.
        The left column has your image.
        The right column has your search.
        You need to move your header image below the search in order for it to center.

        Now on the footer the footer image just needs to be centered. The chat does not come into play since it is on a Z layer (independently over the top of the page)

        Here is the code to center the header image
        <div align="center">
        			<img src="assets/images/default/RealHeader.png" alt="The Wild Lilac Boutique" border="0">
        Code for your footer image
        <div align="center">
        			<img src="assets/images/default/RealFooter.png" alt="" border="0">
        I would place the images on your site and use urls such as
        • assets/images/default/RealHeader.png
        • assets/images/default/RealFooter.png

        Also the urls you are using are not secure (https) and will produce nonsecure in checkout. The image url cannot be changed to https cause the site is not trusted.

        I personally don't like to use elements from other sources such as JS, CSS, or images reason being when that site is down those elements will not work or display and load time from different data center.
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          Thank you! I did center the header image. I cannot figure out the footer though. Is it possible to make the header go outside the frame. like the footer?