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  • Feedback for my new store

    There a few jquery issues going on I need to fix but this is my rough draft.

    ***Please view the site in Chrome. Im working out bugs with IE and Firefox
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    All your Featured Categories on your home page point to a different domain. Happens if you click on the pictures or on the red View This Category button.


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      wgldanny I like the new frame. Need more payment options.
      Have always been a fan of jquerry I like the carousel that you chose to showcase your brands.

      [IMG]removed image to save your bandwidth:) [/IMG]
      Need some color on the phone and or a dialer. Also need a space in between the ?Call.

      Your footer links table looks more centered then the previous one for sure, but you still need to change the cell sizes from 20% to 25% now that you have gone from 5 to 4 cells.

      When you do the listing page keep the add to cart on the top of the page:)
      Easy on the flashy goodies and slow is down as I get dizzy easy.
      Keep up the good work.
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        It looks very professional!

        Maybe this is just me, but when I first clicked Bookends in your menu, I thought the page was empty (without products), and navigated away. This is because it came up with the phone number graphic towards the top of the page. Usually, the phone number is at the bottom of your pages. Could be worth looking in to - I'd hate for you to loose sales because the products aren't high enough on a page. But you've made a very nice start. Congratulations!

        Mary Clare (for 3dCart Merchant Services)


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          Hey thanks for the input. This is just a test host Im working on Im actually going to transfer the template over to my other site. That is why some of the links redirect to another domain.

          Thanks for the feedback guys! :)


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            Hi, i love the look of your site. Very clean and pleasing to the eye.

            I was wanting to know how, or what carrousel you used on your site. I have been looking for something like that to use on mine.

            If it's ok and you don't mind sharing the information for us beginners, i would really appreciate it.


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              Looks great!

              How do you get the rotating pictures on the home page?


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                There have been a few threads in these forums about the rotating banners with links to various sources. Here's one you can look through:



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                  125% Price Match Guarentee (In your Shop with Confidence area) I know I'm a stickler for misspelled words :o(

                  The site is very professional and I'm envious! LOL