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Product listing image size?

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  • Product listing image size?

    In settings>general>store settings I have the product image size set a 300 x 300. The images I upload for the products are larger so that when the customer wants a larger size image they can get it by clicking on the image.

    The problem is that the image shown on the product listing page is way larger than 300 x 300. It is not as big as the large image but not what the setting is either.

    Any ideas on how to get the image to be shown in the proper size according to the settings?


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    I think the settings you mentioned only affect the resize commands in the file manager. (resize large or thumbnail).
    Try adjusting the listing_X template in the image area of the template and adjust the image width numbers that are there. Don't restrict the height (maxy) You can also adjust the popup window image sizes in this template as well, to like 500 or something.
    We use 300 wide max for the product image and 500 wide max for the popup image. (Click for larger image function)

    Here's our code:

    <td align="center" colspan="4"><!--START: image1-->
                  <a href="#" onClick="popupsimple('zoomify.asp?catalogid=131&image=' + selectedimage ,500,500);"><img src="thumbnail.asp?file=assets/images/folder1/imagename.jpg&maxx=300&maxy=0" align="middle" border="0" id="large" name="large" alt="Image Alt Text" ></a><br>
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