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    Hello 3dcart world,

    Our site has been up since March 1st...

    Just wanted to get your feedback.

    Please check out and let me know what you think.
    TV Smart Shelf™ with wall mount

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    Nice simple site. You only offer payment by paypal? You might find this very limiting for your customers. Since you only have one payment option you could do away with the "select payment option" section and just auto select paypal. It makes fewer clicks for your customer.

    Also the video that automatically plays on several pages is not really needed. Playing it once would be fine I think. Also making it delay a little would be good as I for one have my speakers muted always. So once the video starts I have to turn on the speakers and miss the first part of the video.

    Looks good.


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      Nice site.
      One thing we noticed, your facebook widget is causing an error on your page.

      You are getting this in it's place-
      (it's an error image of a globe) like a no connect message.

      This causes your product pages to take forever to load.

      Also, when you go to your checkout page, you get a security warning.
      Security warnings on checkout pages are bad.
      Your images and video are not from a "https" source.

      The video of the lady salesperson is nice but not on the checkout pages or at least make it "https" so she wont turn customers away.

      Note the url for a secure image-

      Note the url for an unsecure image-

      Check out this article on the knowledge base-

      Like the site and products.

      Good luck.