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Major problem with backend orders

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  • Major problem with backend orders

    I just found a huge problem with the backend. When a customer places an order and uses a coupon then changes what items they want the coupon is deleted and can never be put on the order again. In fact no coupons can be put on the order!

    Is this an oversight on the part of 3dcart????

    There is no way to put coupons on orders from the back end. This HAS to be fixed.

    What makes it worse is the "discount" field on the order display is worthless since it will not accept any input!!!!!

    Hasn't anyone else run into this major backend flaw?

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    We use and edit the discount field from the admin all the time. All we do if we need to add/edit a coupon or discount is enter the dollar amount of the discount and then click Update Items. That only works when the order is in the New folder. Maybe you are trying to edit from a different place?
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      When a customer places an order and uses a coupon then changes what items they want the coupon is deleted and can never be put on the order again.
      Not sure what you mean here, are you saying you give a coupon code to a client, that is $X.XX off, no matter what they purchase, and, when they remove an item from their cart, the coupon gets removed and can't further place an order with the same coupon? If that's the case, definitely sounds like a bug, but, could not replicate it here. Can you describe what types of rules you have on the coupon, perhaps one of the restrictions is preventing the coupon from being used, ie. max uses, items must be from specific categories, or specific items must be in cart, etc.
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        I'll try to explain this better.

        1) customer places an order and they use a coupon that gives them a discount, say 10% off their order.

        2) they complete their order and submit it.

        3) they call or email us asking us to change their order because they had no clue what they were ordering because they did not read the title of the product and the description and the product details! Each product has the information listed repeatedly and they still cannot figure it out. Anyway...

        4) we open their order and add the new item and delete the item they no longer want.

        5) the coupon they used is removed from the order and there is no way to put it back on!!

        Using the discount field is no good since it creates a new product in the product database!!! Why it does this is beyond any comprehension. A discount should not be a product but this is what happens. The discount field has no purpose that I can find since it creates useless products each time it is used which inflates and bogs down the true product database by over inflating it with non product discounts.

        So why can't we be allowed to put the coupon back on or any coupon on a customers order when we modify the order on the back end?

        This needs to be corrected as we have customers constantly calling or emailing us to fix their order because they don't read or pay attention when they order.

        For instance they need a regular length band but order a long. These are two different products so it isn't a matter of changing options but rather changing products. Delete one product and add another. I realize most businesses have size and color options for each product. But in our business this is too confusing for our customers. They can't seem to figure it out!! If one band has 20 width options, 4 length options, 12 color options and then a couple of buckle options they can't deal with it. So we had to break up the items into regular length, short, long and extra long. Within these we have options for width, color and buckle options. Sometimes we even have to break up the items into different colors as items!

        Making the discount disappear is fine as long as it can be reapplied.

        Does this make sense? or did I describe the problem well enough? If not let me know.



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          Did you click update item?

          I am not sure what you mean by "Adds a product to the database"

          I just created an order, added an item to it, then I changed the old item to 0 and clicked "update items" so it was removed.
          Then I put $10 in the discounts field and clicked "update items" and the $10 was taken off the order.
          I would say it works just fine.