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adding forums to our site?

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  • adding forums to our site?

    can we add forums to our site on a subdomain such as you have? id like to add vbulletin to

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    adding forums

    me too... can we create sub domains???


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      Depending on how you have your DNS managed you can always do what you want with your own domain, such as add sub-domains for forums, etc. I think if you search these forums you will find this has been discussed and I believe there are some who explained exactly how they set up forums to complement their 3DC site.

      You may also want to search on blogs since this has been discussed at length recently and much of the information can be applied to adding a forum. HTH


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        or contact the company that you have your domain with and ask them how to create a subdomain.

        remember, you will need to have your subdomain pointing to a separate host

        more info here:
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          Thanks I've contacted a hosting company I use for another site and will have them handle it. Too bad this isn't something 3dcart could offer. :(