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Need to add PO field to billing address

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  • Need to add PO field to billing address

    Hi All,

    I have had my site up a couple weeks now and am trying to figure out how to add a field on checkout page 3 so customers can add an optional PO # and still use a credit card for payment. I already found that if they enter a credit card but then put anything in the PO box for offline payments it assumes this is an offline payment - completes their order and they think they paid by credit card but I rcv the order as purchase order - no credit card info. I sent a request to 3dcart to give me an estimate to do this but never did get a reply. I know some html and have dreamweaver but not sure what to do with the script.



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    Couldn't you just add that as a checkout question? Then it would list their PO number if needed, but the payment method would still be online by cc.
    Laura Z
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      Laura, Yes that will work - Thanks