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  • Adding AdSense

    We get a few visitors each day looking for products that are more related to our company name than to our products. They are searching for "save video" or "save on video" and google searches brings up our website very high (Usually #1) as our company website is They usually come and go in a couple page views.

    I feel we could probably get a little extra income via AdSense from these types of searches and was wondering if anyone else has experience with AdSense. Our main concern is not having people click through to competitors websites because our business is pretty competitive (Security Cameras and Equipment). How particular can you specify the ads that are placed on your website by AdSense?

    Does anyone have good or bad anecdotes?



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    the filters work pretty good, if you see a comopetitor in your ads but that site in the filter. simple as that. ive been using adsense on various sites. ive been generating around $150 per month.