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  • Editing Cart Templates

    Ok, I'm a bit confused about a few of the templates in 3DCart, mainly dealing with the checkout/shopping cart aspect.

    1. I know that the "Checkout...._multiple.html" templates are if the ship to multiple addresses option is used.
    2. I "think" I have an idea what some of the others are for, but not 100% sure. Sometimes I edit something in FireFly easily, but then have a hard time finding the code in the actual 3DCart templates!!!
    3. So, that being said, can anyone tell me exactly what the following templates are for? The list:
    • 1page_checkout.html and/or checkout-singlepage.html (are they the same? Which is for "Single Page Checkout" (if enabled)?
    • checkout-step1b.html and checkout-step2b.html
    • checkout-step3bkup.html
    • What is the difference?: checkout-step4.html and checkout-step4receipt.html
    • thankyou.html - I doubt this is the "Step 4 (aka Thank You) page in the multi page checkout, but again, not 100% sure.

    Sorry for the long post, but I have checked the KB, Tutorials, etc. and did not find all the answers. All these nested tables can be a bit confusing. I just sarted using FireFly and can make the "temp" changes in there very easy, but in the 3DCart templates is where I get confused. Too bad I can't use FireFly to make the actual changes - or can I?
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    Nobody knows? Or this post just got missed or "passed over" on purpose. LOL I'm just curious!


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      As far as I can tell from my editing...

      checkout-singlepage.html is for the 1 page checkout.

      Checkout-step1.html, Checkout-step2.html, Checkout-step3.html and Checkout-step4.html are used for the multipage checkout. The rest of them don't seem to make any changes for me. I am sure there is a purpose and hopefully someone will let you know but the ones above are the only ones I ever noticed changes after editing.


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        checkout-singlepage.html is for the 1 page checkout.
        Thanks for the reply! I wasn't 100% sure about the "1page_checkout.html VS the checkout-singlepage.html", so thanks for clearing that up! But what the heck is "1page_checkout.html" for ?????

        Checkout-step1.html, Checkout-step2.html, Checkout-step3.html and Checkout-step4.html are used for the multipage checkout.
        Like you, those ones I did figure out - it is the ones with the "step1b", step2b" and step3bkup" that have me also baffled! LOL Maybe someone from 3DCart will respond ........


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          Hi all,

          For the most part, what you're seeing are legacy templates that aren't really applicable for 3.2.2 stores these days. :)

          We just have them left over for a few of our legacy accounts who - due to the highly customized nature of their stores - need to use the older templates.


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            Thanks for clearing that up - I had a feeling that "those" files were sort of "left over". But I just needed to hear it from someone in the know!.


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              It would be nice to have a reference style list with templates and corresponding pages. I bet it would also save many tech support hours, not to mention all the hours we users spend trying to figure out what is what.