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Need Single Page Without Template Sides

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  • Need Single Page Without Template Sides

    What I need is a single page where I can add some info that does not have the new release, top sellers, ect, on the sides. I want to do this to only one page. Anyone know a way to get this done? I thank you in advance for your help.

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    First you will need to create a new frame and then a new page.

    1. Create New Frame

    You can create a new frame without the left or right columns and upload it via ftp. You can take a copy of the current frame.html and name it frame_x.html (or something).
    Remove the right and left columns and upload the new frame file via FTP .

    2. Create new page
    You can create a new page as follows:
    • Settings>Design>Site Content >> Add New Page
    • Name the page with a name you wish
    • Once you create this page, click on "Content" to update.
    • for Frame Template: Select your new template


    You can create a new html page to your desire and upload it to the root of your site via FTP.
    Then the url for that page will be similar to:

    Hope this is what you are looking for...
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