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  • Other than default navigation available?

    I'm quickly learning that as with any out-of-box solution there are drawbacks.

    A client has requested I use 3d Cart for her new site so I'm diving right in. So far the system is pretty decent and the "templating" is definitely not as terrible as it could be.

    On to the question: "Can the default top navigation be changed? If so, can a tab design be implemented? If so, is there a way to "know" what page we on to highlight the corresponding tab?"

    Long question eh?

    From my research on this forum, it would seem that the only reasonable way to answer part 1 & 2 is via static navigation that 3d Cart does not "build." I asked customer support last night about being able determine what page I'm on for showing the appropriate tab and the response was essentially "beyond the scope."

    So I'm wondering have any of you folks out there been able to implement tabs and if so were you ever able to truly use them to show the page you're on?


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    I've come to the conclusion that the top navigation can be changed in two ways:

    1) Make it static: this is the easist but defeats the purpose of database driven navigation.

    2) Javascript: since a lot of the site already uses javascript, why not use more!?! A tab design can be implemented using javascript to check the domain and highlight the appropriate tab via css. This can be done statically or on the fly relatively easily and definitely allows for customization of the look from the "standard" cart.

    I've not used this on a 3d Cart site yet, but expect I will in the future if it fits into the design.