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New site coming - over design/nav critiques please

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  • New site coming - over design/nav critiques please

    Hey folks,

    After a long few week process, I've figured out 3D Cart to a certain extent. Overall, while some stuff is pretty difficult to alter (navigation), it's a good cart and I expect I'll use it for future clients.

    Jersey Girl Tie-Downs LLC: Custom Tie Downs, Straps, Nets & Accessories

    The client still has to add her items so they are defaulted as of now to those provided standard.

    I do have some work on the forms since the defaults are pretty hideous.

    My question is how is the overall design and navigation? I would really have liked to use tabs for the top navigation but unfortunately quite a bit of javascript would have to be used to highlight them so I decided against it.

    I'll be changing the gradient background image down a level or two since it seems to be a little dark at the top -- that is unless others think it doesn't seem to infringe or is hard on the eyes.

    Everything seems to look good in multiple browsers, but I'm curious on opinions.


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    like the slider with the arrows. is that out of the box code or did you roll your own?


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      The underlying code is simply jcarousellite (jquery), but I customized it's output with css.

      Often it doesn't make sense to reinvent the wheel if you know what I mean.


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        How did install the slider? Where should I upload the codes?


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          New Site

          I really like your carousel :D I have been looking for something like that for awhile now.
          Overall I like your site, the only thing I noticed was limited product offerings.


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            please post the slider code and howto


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              your recommended items, when it has a product name that is two lines, hides the price or has only the top of the price displayed (due to the overflow: hidden css).

              On your top navigation, you can get rid of that left border on the first one by doing a #top_nav:first-child { border: none; } in your css (if you wanted to do that). I'm not a big fan of the underline when I'm not hovering it, not a big fan of the color when hovering either (not enough contrast with the background).

              good job!
              Store: MAToday, LLC


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                Good Start

                See if you can adjust the slider speed down 1 sec. Most of the default slider codes start at 3 sec. 5 sec. is better on the eyes/less distracting
                About Us - the end of your 1st paragraph has grammatical errors.
                Warranty - punctuation error (warranty, expressed)
                Improved description data layout EX:

                Tow Dolly Wheel Bonnet, Flat Hook End
                Bonnet hight to fit tires 26-28" tall
                Bonnet width choice 6-8" or 8-10"w
                • Tow Dolly Wheel Bonnet
                • Flat Hook End
                • Bonnet height to fit tires 26" - 28" tall
                • Bonnet width choice 6" - 8" or 8" - 10" wide

                Changes in Above:
                • space before and after the hyphen
                • quote sign on both numbers in dimensions - more accurate presentation of facts and to avoid mis-interpretation
                • spelling correction
                • use of list format - illustrates "points/features" better and bots like lists


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                  It's funny you mentioned those things, because I fixed them before I even read the post. Unfortunately clients need briefings on do's/don'ts so it continues to look and feel consistent.

                  Often I find their lists demonstrate how they were feeling a particular day :D


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                    Originally posted by MCampagnini View Post
                    On your top navigation, you can get rid of that left border on the first one by doing a #top_nav:first-child { border: none; } in your css (if you wanted to do that).
                    Actually I really did want to do that, but, I can't adjust the CSS for those items without adjusting all of them as they are dynamically built. I wanted to leave those dynamic so if the client added another page it would automatically appear instead of me getting a call. I couldn't figure out a way to get around 3d's code.


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                      Originally posted by 9OTB View Post
                      limited product offerings
                      While many companies are vendors or resellers, this is the manufacturer so they mainly sell the products they manufacture. She recently opened the business after working in the industry for over 20 years.

                      Here product quality speaks for itself, so if anyone is in the need of a tie down, she's the best place to go!