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    What are you thoughts about my site?

    Welcome to La Bella Boutique - Why go out of town?
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    What site? Post a link.


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      I like it.. simple, effective it works


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        I'm not the best judge of a site and it's construction but two things I notice immediately, using FF6 and 1270x764 I have to scoll on your first page, just slightly but when I click, say on kitchen items, I can't see the price and I'm not adding anything to my cart without knowing the price? Home page is wide and when you click a link it gets narrower on the page width and then I don't have to scroll back and forth.

        As a shopper that's what I'm experiencing, but not seeing the prices of the items of interest to me is the worst part.


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          Quick Look

          Here's what catches my eye immediately. See what I did on 80grit for ideas.
          • Your thumbnails ate TOO BIG. You need to change them to 150px MAX.
          • Change your product detail template to "2" in Advanced settings
          • Get rid of the white space in About Us - one reference to calling should be enough.


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            I agree. Thumbnails are to big. A user wants to have a quick overview one what you are selling in one quick view.

            Overall, the site looks good.
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