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    What is the best way to test a new design/store version on 3D w/o closing our store? On other servers, like ProStores, we could work on new store versions w/o interfering with our live site. Is there a place on 3D to do this?

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    From what I have read and "learned" so far, the options are rather limited! Ther is no "sandbox" testing area. I did read somewher here on the forums that 3DCart will duplicate your site for testing purposes. I don't know anything about this option but if I remember correctly they charge $19.xx per month for this. I could be wrong.


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      anymore info on this? I don't want my programmer to do anything till I figure this one out.

      I rather make adjustments on a dummy site I can't close the site.


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        Unless something has changed you have to contact 3dcart support and ask they create a testing site for you. They will copy your current site and you will have to pay the mini plan price ($19.99 i think). You will get a url that is something like

        Make any changes you need to your testing sites templates and once they are ready to go you can copy the templates over to your main site.

        Note that any settings you change within the admin section like module settings, zoom settings, error messages, shipping options and such will not change on your main site and will not be copied over with the templates so you will need to make note of these changes and update your main site when you are ready to go live with your changes.