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  • Edit Category Page and Product Page

    I don't like my category page and product page, but 3dcart charge $800 for each :-(
    I found the product page code is listing_0.html
    Can anyone help me play around with the placement of the boxes on my page to get rid of all the empty space. Basicly I would like to squeeze the boxes to make the content denser than it is right now.
    I would like to maybe move the price and options up to the right side of the pictures. I can turn off either left or right column for product page to make more space width wise. Any input or guide to do so is appreciated.

    Also for category page I would like to replace the sub-category section on top with those text links with a picture and then link to the sub page. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    Step One

    You have different layouts available for your listing page in the listing Advance tab. Try listing 2 in the pull-down. In your Product > Categories section, when you click on a category Option section you can choose another layout from the Advanced tab. That should get you started. Once you find the combination you like, you can download the spreadsheet and upload your revisions.
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      Thanks for the input. I tried style 2, style 3 and there's no change on my website. I guess the template I use doesn't come with those extra styles. I'll play around some more.
      Please give me more advices. Thanks!


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        Reference Reading

        Read this. You might need to turn your cache off while editing and refresh your browser.


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          Thanks! I found it and I like style 2 the most. Since I have 3000+ products it's hard to edit each one. Can I go to the template editor and change the file name listing_2.html to listing_0.html, listing_0.html to listing_2.html
          Will that mess up the codes? Have you done that before?

          The other option I think is set a few product manually and then export to csv. Then I need to find that column and copy paste to the rest and import back into inventory. How did you change yours in bulk? You're my hero!!!


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            Mass Revisions

            Use the spreadsheet. Highlight, drag and fill. You can get it done in under 10 minutes.


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              For anyone with the same problem that might find this thread in search, here was how I fixed mine. With all the rename steps for backup files in case I mess up something.
              FTP to common folder and download listing_0.html, listing_1.html
              rename them to listing_0backup.html, listing_1backup.html
              make a copy and rename listing_1backup.html to listing_0.html
              upload and overwrite to the listing_0.html file in the template folder that you use for your site. Mine was v4007.