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  • Designing in 3D

    Hi all,

    I'd like to change the way that products display- make it look better, etc. Unfortunately, i'm sadly deficient in this area. Does anyone have any code to drop in that looks nice, or a suggestion on what to use to change it ? Help appreciated.

    As an aside, syncbox, you have to take it easy on these guys. Whether you like the cart/code or do not, it is what it is. Remember, most of the time, the target is the non-developer type.

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    I just want to echo the last thought there. I think that 3dcart caters very well to those who know just enough to get themselves into trouble (I can ruin all sorts of things with dreamweaver and photoshop). There are options that are higher end out there but 3dcart is a great option for a middle of the road cart. No too simple and not too complex.

    As for your first questions what do you mean by "making them look better?"


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      Well, say i want to border images, change the layout of the description, add "tabs", etc.....

      I know it's "simple" html, but when i try to change it, I screw something up and have to ask 3D to fix it for me.....