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Can someone set up a "programming" forum?

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  • Can someone set up a "programming" forum?

    It would be good to have a forum that is just about how to tap into the database fields used in the cart software.

    Is there some document somewhere that can explain how to get the value of a field? for instance, if I know that the category ID=31 and I want the category_description for that id?

    Or, how to change things to sort products by their product sku?

    Is there any access to changing how some of the store functions behave? I see, in the category portion of the admin that I can sort a category's products by:

    price (low to high)
    price (high to low)

    what about by product ID? Our product IDs are generated from a combination of style+various option IDs... I'd like to have all the 00235+ products display together but their name and price vary, and for sure... they aren't entered in an order.

    Granted, I can build sub-categories, but how complex do I need to get? I don't want my customer to have to click 8 times to get to an item.

    Help appreciated!