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  • Undocumented Features - post yours here

    In the process of building out our store
    Ann Marie's

    ...I found that there are a lot of "Easter Eggs" in 3dCart, aka undocumented features.

    For instance, you can put in tabbed descriptions on the product detail page:
    Tabbed descriptions on product detail page

    This is one that I discovered this week while playing around with Drag & Drop editing. There are content holders called left_banner, right_banner:

    That content is added via the 'header and footer' menu (settings-> design-> header and footer).

    On that page you'll see text boxes for the header, footer, and both banners. Make sure to place a checkmark in the 'enabled' box above the text area if you use one of them.

    I have some more buried in e-mails and support tickets. I'll dig them up soon.