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    Hello Everyone,

    I've been trying to get in here for days, approval takes a bit longer than I thought.

    I'm a total noob, starting a new store to sell electronic cigarettes. My site is under construction at

    A couple of questions:

    (1) Do any of you use third party editors to create your product descriptions? The WYSIWYG editor in the software drives me crazy. I only have a few products so I want to make the descriptions as compelling as possible. I played around using the web page options for MS Word and pasting the resulting HTML into the descriptions but things don't display as they do if I just open the files with Chrome or IE.

    What processes and software do you use to create and upload the HTML for your descriptions (and other pages).

    (2) Inspired by another thread in this forum, I decided to try to implement one of the DynamicDrive slide shows. It was surprisingly pretty easy to get working. This one called the Page Flip Slide Show, turns a set of optionally linked images like a book being read. It's on my page now but don't really know if I will keep it for production but it is some pretty neat code.

    I do have a question though for you scripting Experts. How do I get the script to display a bit farther down the frame? I would like to have a PNG Welcome banner above it. The script actually displays on top of any preceding graphic so I did the work around you can see where the welcome banner sticks out UNDERNEATH the slide show.

    Well thanks in advance for any guidance and I look forward to chatting with you all.

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    Your going to have a potentially hard time with Google. Be very careful how you submit a feed to them.

    Here's a layout template to use if you feel like it. Drop it into CoffeCup free html editor or hit my site to see it. CoffeCup is still great to have anyway. Very well mannered for the critically html deficient. Download it from them.
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