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Font for Caption Image?

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  • Font for Caption Image?

    I can't seem to find the location to change the font size, etc. for the image captions.

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    you probably could edit your template to apply a class to the surrounding selector and set up your own font properties...

    I only looked at the listing_0.html file in the common folder, but didn't see any styling application (in the td or the multitude of spans used by this software).

    it seemed like
    <span name="imagecaptiont" id="imagecaptiont">[imagecaption1]</span>

    gives you a hook for styling in "imagecaptiont"

    #imagecaptiont {
    /*your style rules here*/

    that is, if you are using the same construct as what I see in listing_x.html in common.



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      I feel like the dumbest kid in the class. I'm sorry, I have no idea how to do that. I was hoping there was just a little setting somewhere in the template editor. :) Thanks anyway, I do appreciate it! I'm trying to learn as I go along.


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        well, it's just a guess after a quick look at the default listing_0 template anyway.

        what do you want it to look like? (eg. blue or smaller or what?)

        Let me know... If you post a url and/or give me details of what you want, I can try giving you a rule to put at the bottom of the style sheet you are using... can't hurt to try it, right?

        Let me know by replying with your details. I'll keep my eye out for it.



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          That's really nice of you! I all really want to do is make it smaller--it's just too big.


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            where can I see it? So I can figure out what the rule needs?


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              Only 1 product entered so far--waiting until I have my categories finalized.


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                well, the caption is in a span that is ID'd as "imagecaptiont" but I see no reference to it in your stylesheets. You could add (to the layout9_blue_red_modified.css style sheet you are using) this rule (at the bottom)

                span#imagecaptiont {

                That will reduce the size by 20%. Obviously, if you think this is too small, make it 90%; too large still? make it 70%.

                Just realize that viewers can adjust font-size on their browser via View>Text or View>Font options. Sometimes what looks big to you is small for someone who views their IE browser in small text sizes.

                It looks biggish to me, too, using Firefox on Windows with default settings.