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Offline Payment Methods - extra description in email

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  • Offline Payment Methods - extra description in email


    I am using an offline payment method, it's a bank transfer. The optional description text will display next to the payment method, which could be useful to mention the bank account number and payment instruction.

    However, it seems that this text will only be displayed on the order confirmation, thus strangely not on the email send to the customer. So I looked for the dynamic tag containing this information, I think it is [payment_description_message].

    I have put this dynamic tag in the email template but unfortunately it does not work, the dynamic tag is just displayed in the email but not what it contains.

    Is there a way to get this work? Or is there a backdoor / D-tour to get this custom payment description also in the email? I think it should be there because it is logic that with a bank transfer (or other offline payment method) you would like to inform the customer about the bankdetails and instruction with the automated emails.

    Thanks in advance,