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Slow Page Load - HTML requests taking 10+ seconds

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  • Slow Page Load - HTML requests taking 10+ seconds

    My 3dCart Webstore is: Electric Frenchie

    I've ran some recent tests (pingdom, Gomez) on pageload times and see that there is a long amount of wait time involved in loading the HTML of my site.

    Here's a link to the screenshot from my last pingdom test:

    I'm really concerned that a)
    HTML Code:
    HTML Code:
    are separately loaded and that the wait time for the HTML request is 8 secs and 5secs respectively. That's over 13 seconds before any assets even begin loading!

    Please let me know if there's anything I can do about this. We're getting some sales, but I'm very concerned that my customers (especially new visitors) are bouncing due to slow page load and that both my conversions and SEO are suffering as a result.

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    the best thing you can do is make sure support knows about this and then setup your website with Google Webmasters. They have a lab site performance link that is extremely accurate and can be referenced for long periods of time for speed issues/consistency.

    for reference my site takes less than 0.9 sec on average. I am on a higher end server and tweaked my html to remove excessive widgets I don't use.


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      How do you host on a higher end server? Do you think that would make up the difference for the lag on the HTML requests?

      Google tools (and all others) are pointing to very long (over 10 secs) wait times to load the HTML. All other page assets (css, js and images) are loading very quickly.


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