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    I finally have a question I cannot find the answer to nor seem to solve on my own.

    We have several Items with quite a few options. One set of options signifigantly changes the product and essentially makes it a different product as the weight changes. They are also inventoried seperately. This one is no big deal as advanced options take care of this.

    There is a second set of options that do not change the price or weight of the product. However, by using advanced options, setting this up as anything but a checkbox multiplies the number of advanced options. Thus forcing us to inventory the products in an excessive number of ways.

    While choosing checkbox fixes the problem above, the problem lies with the fact that with the second set of option the customer can only select one of the three options. As most know the standard behavior of checkboxes is to allow multiple selections.

    Im looking for a way to set checkboxes to allow only one option to be selected. I found several ways to do this with javascript but none of them work with the 3dcart method of using checkboxes. They require the defining of each option.

    a example is listed below.

    Lets say were selling widgets
    Widgets can be selected in
    wood .5lbs
    plastic 1lb
    lead 5lbs

    We can paint your widget blue or green.

    Now the problem comes. If I set red and green as a dropdown or a radio it gives me

    Red wood .5lbs
    Red plastic 1lb
    Red lead 5lbs
    Green wood .5lbs
    Green plastic 1lb
    Green lead 5lbs

    I dont need to inventory the color or seperate them. Setting a checkbox for the paint solves the issue but lets the customer select both....