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  • New Site any feedback appreciated

    I have had the domain twelve years and have been with 3dcart about a year. I would like to make some changes to the current site to make it look more professional. I was thinking of putting a drop down menu for the "Printer how to - Help section" and maybe changing the Logo. I would like to hear what suggestions anyone may have.



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    1. IF you made the logo yourself and it is editable, crop the extra white and make the background black or transparent.
    2. Change your "alternative" colors to a white background with black border.
    3. Link your logo to home.
    4. Where's your Home link for the top navigation?
    5. Put ALL resources in one Resources page. (Questions, How-To, Instructions)
    6. Where's your About Us page?
    7. Add some style to your categories (2 columns). A long list of numbers that are centered on the page is a big waste of space.
    8. All products should have images. All detail image should be bigger than the thumb.
    9. You might try using Listing template 2.
    10. Your home page needs text.


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      I agree with most of what celebra1 wrote (not 100% sure about #5!). I have a few extras:

      1. Your trust seals (VeriSign, BBB) are not clickable. If they are "not real", then I question the use of them - but that is just my opinion!

      2. Your Policies, Terms and Conditions" page needs tweaked. It looks as if you are using the stock one that comes with 3D and phrases like "Your Store Name Here" etc. Plus you want to customize it for your own company.

      3. At first, I thought that "Contact Us" and "Questions?" would both take me to the same contact us type of page. Maybe change "Questions?" to Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.). Again, just an opinion.

      4. Also, I just realized something that celebra1 mentioned in her #3 and #4 .... I had a hard time at first figuring out how to get back to the home page!!! That should be fixed ASAP!