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  • Custom 404 error page

    I'd like to create a custom 404 error page that displays within my store frame (as opposed to a generic error page) - not sure how to go about this.

    Has anyone else figured out how to do this? I have created a simple 404 page that includes my store logo and a link to my home page, but I'd like something a little nicer.

    I'd love to have it display with my site header, and if possible, the left nav bar with my category links, right nav bar, and footer. Would this be terribly hard to do?

    I asked support first, and they said, well, you'd have to copy all the source code for your whole site. Huh?? I don't think so!

    Thanks - I have learned so much from the more experienced members of this forum!

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    This might help?


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      Hi, Toobusy - yes, thanks - that is a helpful article. I used the instructions in that article to upload my simple 404 page into my site.

      Now I'm trying to go beyond that to get the 404 page to display within the frame of my site.

      Currently, my simple 404 page works but it displays as a stand-alone page, that is, without my site's header/footer/left/right bars.

      I'd really like to make it look and behave as if you were still inside my site.


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        To do that you will have to recreate the frame and sidebars of your site within the 404.html file.


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          Thanks, that's what I was thinking was needed. Probably more effort that it's worth, though.

          I have already created a simple 404 error page with my logo, user-friendly error message, and links to my home page and major categories. I think that'll do just fine.