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    Hey guys,

    This is not related to a 3dCart store, but since I use 3dCart, I spend a fair amount of time on this forum and think you may be able to help.

    I volunteer with a local non-profit organization and have been asked to re-do their website. I am comfortable with Dreamweaver when building simple sites (plain html, no databases, dynamic pages, etc). I plan to re-do the website using basic, old school, html with dreamweaver. BUT, they have a LOT of pictures and add more regularly. I would love to have a way to create galleries quickly and easily by uploading a directory of images and filling in the basic information.

    Dreamweaver has a "Create Web Photo Album" command that works, but it is clunky. When I say clunky, I mean I have to manually open and edit each photo page it creates to fit the style we are looking for (at least that is the only way I have figured out how to change the look).

    There has to be a free template/tool out there to allow me to quickly and easily add albums. Ideally, it could be done through an administration panel that multiple people could access. This would allow anyone in the organization with a username and password to create an album (rather than them emailing me 50-60 files). Even if it is done through another photo hosting service that I can embed into the photos page, it would be fine.

    What are my options?

    Thanks! - Your Total Choice for the Outdoors

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    I have used Stiva Gallery | PHP Photo Gallery Script | PHP Image Gallery | PHPJabbers and I like their stuff. Their gallery is $39 Which should not be an issue. There is a MySQL version.


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      Thanks for the info! I sent them an email with some questions!

      If anyone else has any suggestions they will be greatly appreciated! - Your Total Choice for the Outdoors


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        I have also used products from this site and had good luck having the authors customize to my liking very inexpensively.
        The offerings are extremely reasonable and I have been happy.
        Stock Flash Advanced Galleries, Animated Image Viewers | Flashtory


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          For a project like yours I would use Joomla or ModX (if your new to CMS go with ModX) Create your HTML template then replace codeblocks with the CMS tags (eg. your navigation menu would be a codeblock), just like 3dCart does. Note, you can only use a CMS outside of 3dCart hosting as 3dCart is already a CMS.

          The CMS will handle your pages and website, now you have to handle the gallery. I highly recommend using jQuery for this.
          Here is one of my favorite plugins, Full Page Image Gallery with jQuery | Codrops

          So the breakdown of what you do is as follows.
          - Install your choice of CMS (go to there forums for help)
          - Create your html template and build the gallery using jQuery (save time and use the link I provided, mod as you like)
          - Install the template into the CMS (go to the CMS forums for help)
          - upload your pictures
          - Point the images to your gallery picture folder


          To make this gallery inside 3dCart.
          It is as simple as uploading the html gallery file to your server and point the images to the appropriate image folder.
          On your navigation menu simply point the link to your new html gallery page.

          Make sure all the CSS and JS files have been included in your header section.

          I know this is not a full explanation but I hope you get something out of it.
          Good luck.
          - Peace