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    I am trying to figure out how to pull database information from one page into another?

    Ex. I have a custom 404.html page and I want it to have the same look as my other pages, so I need the frame to work. Got most of it correct, but this code

    <td class="font3" nowrap><a href="infopage.asp?page=[link_id]&extra=1" class="menu" target="[link_target]">[link_name]</a></td>

    Just produces this "[link_name]" rather than pulling the data from the database to populate it. How do I get it to correctly reference this information.

    Thanks, David

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    Unfortunately database tags are page-specific. The tags you will be able to use on the 404 are going to be limited.
    3dCart Template Reference Guide has a list of what tags can be used where, BUT it is not anywhere close to being complete. It doesn't even list the 404 page.