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Improvements to 3dcart standard checkout?

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  • Improvements to 3dcart standard checkout?

    We've long thought there are some real problems with the standard 3dcart checkout process. This has been confirmed lately through paid usability tests. We haven't found an easy way to fix the two most problematic.

    1) 3dcart requires a telephone number
    I've talked to 3dcart about this in the past but there simply is no way to bypass this requirement. It is mandatory per the base code. It really irks our customers to have to give this info and I'm sure many have been turned away. I've thought about a couple potential fixes. First, put in a default 111-111-1111 and let the customer change it if they so desire. But that seems amateur and doesn't reflect well. The second option would be to put in a default and hide the field so the customer won't see it. But some customers like to include their phone number so we can contact them if there are problems. The only other method would be to leave blank and then auto-fill with a dummy 111-111-1111 if left blank when the order is submitted, but I haven't found a way to do this. Is it even possible?

    2) When registering during checkout, the form redirects to a page that confirms the registration is a success instead of going back to the checkout process. This page is completely unneeded and greatly interrupts the checkout flow. It's confusing for our customers and usability studies have shown it's the biggest checkout issue. It adds extra steps. It's frustrating. I'm sure many customers give up and leave. Again, I've talked to 3dcart support and there is no way around this. Single page checkout does not act this way, but our studies have shown our customers prefer a multi-step checkout. I've been thinking there may be a way to use the single page checkout, but use javascript to hide and show different "steps" along the way. I'm wondering if this is possible and if others have tried it.

    If anyone has an example of a 3dcart multi-page checkout that actually flows well, I'd love to see an example.

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    Originally posted by wcsjohn View Post
    1) 3dcart requires a telephone number
    This is just a javascript in the checkout_step1.html, all you need to do is remove that validation from the HTML and the phone number would no longer be required.

    Originally posted by wcsjohn View Post
    2) When registering during checkout, the form redirects to a page that confirms the registration is a success instead of going back to the checkout process. This page is completely unneeded and greatly interrupts the checkout flow.
    I agree 100%, and that's exactly why we don't have a link to the registration page in the checkout process in our default checkout. I can see yours have been modified and has a link to the registration page.

    By default, the customer can just fill out the checkout information, and if they want to register for an account, simply enter a password in the password field (I believe that has also been removed from your site). The information entered at checkout will automatically be used for the registration of the customer.

    From an usability standpoint, I would like to recommend re-positioning the Paypal Express checkout button on the step 1 of the checkout. Basically you're asking customers to fill out all the shipping information, only to find out at the bottom of the page that they can pay via paypal, which takes them to paypal and then returns overwriting all the information they just typed on the shipping fields. The Paypal Express button should be above the shipping information on this page.

    Hope that helps!

    Jimmy Rodriguez


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      Thanks for the feedback. Clearly something has changed or some people in support do not know the correct information. I tried many, many times to get the phone number requirement removed and was told over and over again it can't be. If we remove that validation will we then have to change the paypal settings for phone numbers?

      The checkout process was created by 3dcart designers. We haven't been happy with the flow since day one, but were told the way it is, is the way it is. That there is nothing that can be done about it. Did something change, or again, did an employee at 3dcart not fully understand the system? This is rather frustrating.

      As to moving the paypal button lower, we're in effect trying to push people to paying on the site with credit card, rather than paypal. It's sort of on purpose, but I understand what you're saying.


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        I got my website designer to remove the phone number requirement a week or so ago....I have no idea how she did it, and her first few attempts didn't work, but she got it done, and even got rid of the red asterisk next to the phone number field. You can set up your paypal settings so that a phone number isn't required by them.

        To avoid the checkout problems of customers registering and not being sent back to their checkout page, I disabled single page checkout. There was also something funky going on with paypal express checkout, so I switched my payment methods to paypal standard instead of express.

        Seems to be working ok now, though I still see plenty of room for improvement in the checkout flow.

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