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  • Site Improvement suggestions!

    Hey guys I was wondering if you guys could check out my site and give me some suggestions to maybe make it nicer or seem more legit, anything, a different theme I should use, change logo, remove something, move something, more categories, less categories, anything. I haven't made any sells at all yet since its too new still, I have an eBay store but am tired of eBay & like 3DCART much more. Any suggestions at all would be great and if you could be frank and not beat around the bush that would be awesome tell me what you like & what you don't like.

    One thing I will be working on soon is retaking pictures as using my old white canvas seems unprofessional on here along with lighting & have instead made a picture tent!

    Also I have lots more stock coming in soon as the stuff I have left are mostly eBay leftovers.

    Thanks in advance to everyone!
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    Sure, but we need to know what site to go to :)


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      Thanks for the reply and heads up. Cant believe I forgot link to My Website


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        • Limit your Featured products to 3 rows, 6 products.
        • Go into your stylesheet and change the class "alternative" to a white background with gray or orange border.
        • Google is not going to like the words "Free Shipping" in your slogan line....


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          Crop the pictures to get rid of the back ground.
          To much Orange, hard to read.
          Add some testimonials to increase credibility
          Get product reviews


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            Originally posted by ritchey View Post
            Crop the pictures to get rid of the back ground.
            To much Orange, hard to read.
            Add some testimonials to increase credibility
            Get product reviews
            Hey thanks for the great responses guys!

            As for the orange you probably visited the website when I was trying to add an orange border to the products and instead the whole product background turned orange or is there to much orange somewhere else?

            As for testimonials that's a great idea but where or how do I add them to the home page? Or do I just make a new page and link to it as I have hundreds of great reviews & testimonials from eBay.


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              More Thoughts
              • You should reconsider linking to eBay reviews IMHO. The purpose of a stand-alone website is just that - stand alone. You should not direct people AWAY from your website. Use reviews you get for this site, nor another site's reviews.
              • Take the SSL and PayPal out of the banner area. They are already in the footer. No need for both. You can remove them from your About Us Page.
              • Your About Us needs a re-write. It should be about YOU and YOUR BUSINESS, your expertise.
              • FAQ - Needs a complete re-write using correct sentence structure and punctuation - consider a list format.
              • Blog - Use title format > capitalize the first letter in words, except for prepositions and conjunctions. Create titles that inspire interest and are concise. EX: We have begun adding pokemon cards now > to > Pokemon Collectible Cards Added > always make sure your titles are keyword rich and not full of "fluff" words. You expand on a title theme in the description. Re-think your blog subtitle wording in the same way. Grab a reader's attention FAST.
              • The orange is very distracting. Try changing to a complementary color that coordinates with your button color.
              • When I look at your home page there is no symmetry. Everything looks like it is floating on the page with no visible division areas. That makes it harder to find things quickly. Changing this issue is not hard at the styles settings.
              • The links under the shopping bag tab text should go down in size to be in proportion. Size 12 should be sufficient.
              • Add a narrow divider bar in a dark color between the banner area and everything below it.


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                Thanks for checking my site out so thoroughly I really appreciate it. Do you guys think this theme I chose is better? I even removed a bunch of junk.

                My Website Theme

                I am going to modify all my FAQs and make them more professional and I am going to redesign my logo & completely rewrite the about us section.

                Thanks for the responses I am so thankful. Hopefully this thread helps other that are wondering how they can improve their website.
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                  Another Choice

                  Try template set v32004 - straight forward with a splash of color.

                  You still need to limit your home items to 3 across, 2 rows.