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How to secure the checkout page

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  • How to secure the checkout page

    When a user checks out on my page, they might see an unsecure message due to image referencing from my header on the frame.html. Does anyone have options on how to remove the header (not from global header), but hardcoded on the frame.html which appears on every page?

    Want to keep the checkout page clear from navigation, images and search bars but the checkout page references the frame.html.

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    Sounds like you have two issues:

    Securing the page due to insecure images:
    This is easy enough. You just need to edit the frame file and clean up the references. Instead of referring to, you could just refer to "/images.blah.jpg", for example. This way it will load securely.

    Removing the frame navigation from checkout:

    I don't think there is an easy way to do this. On most custom pages on 3DCart you are able to select an alternate frame file to use, but I don't believe you can do this for checkout or other built in pages. I might be wrong.
    You could do this with javascript. You could insert code into the checkout pages which would basically "turn off" the various elements from the frame.


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      You can remove columns from the checkout process, which should get rid of your navigation during checkout. If your navigation is in your header, I can't help with that. I'm trying to find the setting, but am not seeing it quickly. I help ticket can probably get you the answer quicker.