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Breadcrumbs have ? marks?

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  • Breadcrumbs have ? marks?

    Ok, now what have I done? All of a sudden my breadcrumbs are showing up like this:

    Home?>?Category?>?Category etc. Everything seems to be working OK, however, the page seems to never finish loading--at least the little spinning icon just keeps going round and round. Any ideas???

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    the question marks have something to do with how your file was encoded when you upload. make sure to convert to utf-8 without bom and the question marks will go away.

    as for the page stuck on loading.. its most likely a script.. i would check the profiler on whatever debugger you like the most to see whats taking so long. prefer the one in chrome myself.


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      OK, so you know how you get all irritated when an electrical appliance isn't working, you call customer support, and the first thing they ask is, "Is it plugged in?" Well there's a reason for that.

      After going over all of the templates with a fine tooth comb, re-installing a previous version of my frame.html, etc. I finally gave up and submitted a ticket. Nice customer support rep, Stephen, gets back to me with an answer in just a few minutes--seems that while making changes somehow I inserted ?>? in breadcrumb-divider line of the store language--don't know how, but I did. DOH! It's never that simple! He even included a video to show me exactly how to fix it! Guess he figured if I couldn't find that simple of a fix I must need a video to show me the way! LOL Thanks, Stephen!


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        Just an FYI, our bread crumbs did the same thing about a month or so ago. I know I did not change the Store Language, however I found the same thing ( ?>? ) in the breadcrumb separator field and got it fixed. It was interesting to see that you ran into the same issue. My guess is that it is nothing you did, but a bug in an update.


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          Hmmm, since I was working at 2am I attributed it to fatigue, but maybe not! Thanks!


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            I just noticed the same issue on my site. Glad I had read this thread earlier! Thanks for following up with the solution.


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              Just was getting ready to do some work on the site when I noticed ours now have the ? issue.

              Anybody figure out why this just randomly appears?

              I should also mention, ours is showing up in a unmodified category also, not just the ones we've messed with.


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                Mine did this as well. I updated it in Store Language when I saw it.


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                  We noticed something interesting also. Most of our site is in German and all the specific German characters turned into ? the same day our breadcrumbs got messed up.

                  Put put a ticket in with support but they closed it because we had already fixed the issue (rather then leave ? all over the site).