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Can values be set for products in Category_2

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  • Can values be set for products in Category_2

    I want to use Category_2 style to create "bundles"

    To do so, two problems need to be overcome. First is to set a default QTY value. This may be different for each product in the category. IE 2 of A, 3 of B, etc.

    Also my products have two options, size and color. While they have a default set value, it does not seem to work if they are in a Category_2 Style. When "add to cart" is selected after manually entering qty values the error "The Item ABC could not be added to cart because one or more options are required, please make sure all required options have been selected"

    Does anyone know of an example of this or how it can be addressed. I would prefer to copy Category_2 and rename it Category_20, then read a product "Category_20_Bundle" in the database to use the option fields or some others for the ProductID, options, (ie, ABC, Small, Blue) and a qty value (could be the value field on a option line)

    For that matter I would be happy with setting variables at the top of the Category_20 html, and modifying it every time a new product is added to the "bundle", removed, or I want to change the options for a given product.