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  • Category/Sub-Category Separate Navigation

    Is the following possible & if so, how?
    Main categories - horizontal ( ex. KITCHEN - BATH - DINING)
    Sub-Categories - left side bar ( ex. [pans,pots] - [towel, bathmats] - [plates, silverware], etc.)

    Basically, I would like to have the sub-categories dynamically display only for main category selected on the left sidebar. I do not want the entire navigation structure to show up there...just the secondary level sub-cats.

    I would also like to keep the main category "highlighted" so users know where they are.

    Exactly like this example for Williams-Sonoma category COOKWARE

    Pots and Pans, Cookware & Stainless Cookware | Williams-Sonoma

    Your assistance is greatly appreciated!

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    I would love to have this as well, but we've not found any way to do it, unfortunately.


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      It can be done, but not to the extent the Williams-Sonoma's page.

      It will require not using the traditional left column model of the 3dcart. Instead you will need to hard code a left column within the category_0.html page.

      This approach allows you to use the <!--START: CATEGORIES--> within the frame.html page. You then use the <!--START: SUB_CATEGORIES--> within the category_x.html page in the left column.

      Highlighting could be done with javascript.



      The Wedding Printer


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        Jeff - Great idea! I will give that a try and post the outcome. My navigation is not nearly as complicated as the W-S site so I think your suggestion is spot-on. Many Thanks!