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Categories in Left Hand Column Only On Product and Category Pages

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  • Categories in Left Hand Column Only On Product and Category Pages

    I am a designer working on a site for a client. The design has the categories listed on in a drop down horizontal navigation menu at the top of the site but she requested that the categories also be shown vertically in the left hand navigation column only on the product and category pages. Through trial and error I realize that the site codes/blocks that 3dcart provides only allows the blocks to be repeated once in the frame file. Other than hardcoding the links into an alternate frame template, are there any other solutions to achieve the look my client wants? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    You have the following abilities with 3dcart templates:
    • One location to have the full category structure.
    • One location to have subcategory information on the a category page.

    That is it. If you want to have the full category structure repeated in an additional area, it has to be done either manually or via javascript.

    The quickest way is to use jquery. You would clone the category structure from the header nav and append it to the location in the left navigation. See .clone() | jQuery clone documentation. By wrapping the two areas in unique divs, you should be able to style each differently.

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