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New Store, but Missing Old Listing Template

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  • New Store, but Missing Old Listing Template

    We are duplicating our store and noticed that the product listing we have on the old store, no longer exists.

    I contacted support and they confirmed this.

    Does anyone know where I can go to tweak the settings for this or is there a way I can go back to our old store and cut and paste that code for the new product listings?

    This is what our store looks like now:
    Boston Celtic Tungsten Ring 8mm

    So boring with no options next to the product.

    This is what our other store looks like (and want to duplicate)
    Celtic Tungsten Wedding Bands | Celtic Tungsten Carbide Wedding Band | Mens Celtic Tungsten Ring 8mm

    Does anyone know if this is possible?

    I know this is a pain, so thank you in advance for looking into this.

    Thank you,

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    The templates can be moved between stores.

    For example, I have a development store to create and test different ideas. I have an active store that is for customers. I move templates between stores all the time.

    There are two primary ways to do this. FTP or via the Admin System.
    1. Go to your original store. Determine which template you are using.
    2. Go to the product in question and determine which product template number you are using.
    3. FTP into your original store and download the template called listing_x.html. This will be located in the web/assets/templates/[[template name]]/ directory. The x in the listing template is always one number less than shown in the admin system. Product listing template 1 is listing_0.html.
    4. Download the template to your local machine.
    5. Determine in your new store your template names.
    6. FTP into your new store.
    7. Go to the web/assets/templates/[[template name]] directory.
    8. Locate the listing_x.html templates.
    9. Rename the file you just downloaded with the x being one number higher.
    10. Upload the renamed template to the new store directory.
    11. Go into the new store admin and change one product to use the new template.
    12. Test and see if it works the way you want. If not tweak it.

    If you only use one listing_x.html template for the entire store, then you want the new template to be your default template. The default template for all products is listing_0.html. Just rename the listing_0.thml to listing_old.html and rename the one you just uploaded to listing_0.html. This will then become the default template for all products.

    You will have to clear cache as you make changes.

    Hope this makes sense.


    The Wedding Printer


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      Awesome, thank you

      Hi Jeff,

      This is fantastic, thank you!

      I am working on it now and it makes perfect sense.

      Thank you again-