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  • Homepage [image1] Tag

    Is there a way to set the homepage [image1] default image?

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    You may have to elaborate. [image1] is primarily a tag used in prod images.

    If you are talking about just having a static image for the homepage?

    If so you just add the image in (settings-->design-->Titles & Content) Scroll to the "home page" and in the header area insert:

    <img src="your/image/path/here.jpg">

    Click "Save Changes"
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      It's actually for the <link rel="image_src" href="[image1]" /> tag. [image1] gets automatically populated on every page except the home page.

      I also just noticed that tag <link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title=" (RSS 2.0)" href="[catid]" /> doesn't get populated on the home page either.


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        Still need a little more detail. What is the image that is being populated on every page except for the home page and what is it in relation to or from (category, product, etc.).

        Or better yet where is it in your coding and are there any start and end tags around it like:

        <!-- Start: yada yada-->
        <!-- End: yada yada-->
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          On the products pages, [image1] is the main product image. There are no Start and End tags around it. On the home page and category pages, this [image1] tag does not get populated.

          And the [catid] has a Start and End tag around it:

          <link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title=" (RSS 2.0)" href="/rss.asp?type=category&catid=[catid]" />


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            it's all about context here. [image1] in the context of a SINGLE ITEM on listing_x.html enables the software to find the default image for that particular item.

            On home and category pages, there is almost always (or always) more than one item to display an image for, therefore [image1] would not and should not work in that context.

            If you look at the common template pages for those template files (or you can see the correct context of how to show the image you are looking for.

            As a general rule, do not assume all tags will work in all situations. it's very contextual. And most will need their comment wrappers to set the correct context. See for the breakdowns. It does a pretty decent job.