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  • Replacing/Changing each button

    Hi Guys,

    So, I am close to getting my site to where I need it and I will leave everyone alone for awhile lol

    I created a glossy button in photoshop and wondering if I can use that button throughout my site? I see where I can (and have) changed the color of my buttons, but not sure how I would go about using an actual button image - is this possible? If so, can anyone point me in the direction to start going thru and changing each button to my image I created.

    Thank you very much,

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    find the input and change the following:

    <input type="button" .... />


    <input type="image" and ADD the image path via src="your/image/path/here.png">


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      That doesn't work everywhere.
      We are using CSS now but I posted this in 2010 on how to change a bunch of them. I think some other posters add others there too. be advised the checkout button works for multi but not single page. Changes to pages may have been made TEST THOROUGHLY!!!
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        Awesome, thank you very much. I am going to start working on it now...


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          Not able to find the code to change 'add to cart' icon

          I have changed the code on a few pages, but I dont see it when I refresh the page. I also used Firebug to preview and it worked on there.

          Is there a page that that someone can help me with to change - just the 'add to cart' icon?

          I looked at the 'frame' and I dont see a place to change an 'add to cart' button on that page.

          I just want to change this on the product view page - here is an example:

          Celtic Tungsten Carbide Ring Keon 8mm | Tungsten Fashions

          Hope someone can help, I do appreciate it.


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            Ok, after 2 days, I did it :-)

            I was looking to change each product and it was under the .item css.

            At least hope that will help someone else out there - and thank you again for the assistance on this...