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  • Randomly Display Sale Items

    Hello everyone,

    I need some help with re-formatting my homepage specials.

    I would like to randomly display any products on sale on my homepage. Probably 3 at a time, but maybe 2 or 4. I can easily do this by marking them a homepage special.

    I have a problem though. I don't like the default formatting that has the heavy green bar/header that extends the full width of the frame. I also do not like the location.

    I would rather have them displayed closer to the top of the homepage and with no heading so that I can create my own header graphic similar to the "Resources", "Featured Article", and "Featured Products".

    Unfortunately, tech support was not as helpful as they used to be and referred me to the forum. Is there not a simple "tag" (may be the wrong terminology) to display sale items or homepage specials that I can place in the html?


    David Cox - Your Total Choice for the Outdoors

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    There is a javascript solution that utilizes the On Sale RSS feed. There are two products listed on this page that can be used for this:

    The Wedding Printer


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      Thank you for replying and I am so sorry it has taken me this only to respond!

      Your suggestion looks like it will probably work, but unfortunately, I don't know anything at all about RSS feeds. Is it something 3dcart is able to produce? Can you point me in the right direction?

      Also, I noticed that "Top Sellers" and "New Releases" are available as blocks. Is there a way I could cheat that to work? i.e. can I define top sellers and/or new releases, even if they are not really top sellers or new releases?

      Thank you again! I have made sure I am notified of future responses, so hopefully I will not be absent for weeks this time! - Your Total Choice for the Outdoors


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        Hello everyone,

        I am working my way back around to this project. Have any of you had any luck? I don't mind attempting the Java/RSS option, but I am not a programmer at all. I'll need a seriously good guide to get me going!


        David Cox - Your Total Choice for the Outdoors


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          Hi David,

          This is not a simple task; complete instructions for it are not easy to write out. Instructions imply that if you follow them exactly, everything will work. Though people want to help, I'm not sure that anyone here wants (or has the time) to write with that kind of precision. So if you're "not a programmer at all", you're gonna have to pretend to be one! Be tenacious, logical, and look for patterns and models that you can imitate.

          Read about RSS feeds: Paste your RSS feed URL into your browser simply to see what data comes back. Just get familiar with it.

          Create a page on which to experiment. Create an Extra Page in Site Content but check "Hide Link" so that it doesn't screw up your site's navigation. The page will not be easily found by the public, but you can access it directly using the URL that you've written down.

          Download the directories and files from GitHub using the "Download ZIP" button on the right side of the page. Unzip, then FTP these into place on your site.

          Study the examples on the GitHub page found under jquery.rss. These are the the models that you must integrate with the models from listing_X.html (or whatever product listing code you are trying to imitate).

          "Setup" shows where in the HTML you would place place the jQuery script. If you can place it in the HEAD of your frame, great. If not, you should be able to get away placing the script tags and their content within the BODY.

          Make sure you replace the feed URL with your 3dcart onsale URL. Make sure you have a div or some appropriate element with an id="rss-feeds" so that the jquery function has some place to display the data.

          "Options" shows you how you can alter the "Setup" code in order to produce the effects described. Integrate your desired product listing HTML within the layoutTemplate and the entryTemplate. Yes, you may need to create your own tokens that match the tags of the data being returned by your onsale feed.

          David, I don't know if the above is helpful or not. But it gives you a little better idea of the undertaking. Some aspects of this task, such as creating your own tokens, are simply too complex to attempt to put in writing. It is at these points that a programmer's education and experience justify their pay rate. Good luck with your coding!

          [Anyone else who has worked with this code, feel free to expand on any aspect - or to correct me if I've been misleading!]
          - Chuck