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RSS Feed for Category Not Working

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  • RSS Feed for Category Not Working

    Below is the link they have in the knowledge base to display a specific category in an RSS feed... but no matter what category # I enter... I still don't get the feed. My other feeds, best seller, new products, etc are working fine.

    Any ideas?

    This is the link they have:

    Specific Category - http://[domain]/rss.asp?type=category&catid=[catid]

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    Problem solved

    With a little tinkering I've solved my own problem :).

    When using the Individual Category RSS feed:

    1) Your Store must be live and NOT on the 3dcart development domain.
    2) Add the Cat ID at the end of the URL... Ex:
    3) Locate your Cat ID by exporting your categories, it's the first column in the CSV file

    Happy developing!