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Quantity Discounts and Advanced Pricing

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  • Quantity Discounts and Advanced Pricing

    I currently have 5 Price Level Groups. Certain items I also allow quantity discounts. I'm concerned that the Discount tab needs to be looked at and tweaked a bit. Example: I have a customer that is in price group 2. The item for that group will be $10.95. I also have that specific item on sale for $8.95. In the Discount tab, I keyed for price level 2 to give customers that order 24 pcs or more $5.95 off... thus showing that the "New price" will be $5.00 ea. (This is what I intended)... but in fact what is happening is that a customer in price group 2 orders 24 pcs, it is deducting the $5.95 from the sale price of $8.95 so actually charging the $3.00 per unit instead of the $5.00. I feel that regardless if the item is on sale or not, the "new price" shown on the discount tab should show the exact price the system will calculate and charge per item at checkout. It's misleading to believe that the system will charge one stated rate, but actually is charging another depending if the item is on sale or not.