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Store Critique, Please? Thank you!

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  • Store Critique, Please? Thank you!

    Hello 3dcarters,

    I'm a returning 3dcart customer after shutting down our site for a few months and I'd appreciate some feedback on the new site. We are still adding products, so things are a little sparse at the moment, but please leave any suggestions you can offer. Thank you very much.

    Store URL:

    Warm Regards,
    Fatuma Hydara
    Fatuma Hydara
    Hydara Fabrics
    Your #1 Stop for Affordable African Fashions

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    I like the background and the color theme.

    May main comment is regarding the width. Web sites are more and more taking the full width of the screen, or at the very least getting wider, especially with responsive design becoming more common.
    With left and right columns, the main area looks very small and makes the site look dated.
    *I would combine both columns to the left and make the main area wider.
    Bigger banners, bigger.
    *Another note is to hide the daily deal in the menu if there is no deal.
    * You should create a new class for links in Titles, etc. Using the standard size looks funny in big headlines like your "Earn reward points on all orders! One point for every dollar spent. Visit the FAQ page for more info" FAQ is so small compared to the rest of the headline.
    * The Geotrust box at the bottom is out of horizontal alignment and is not clickable. If a verification window is not possible, I would create your own "Verified" pop-up window with some info about SSL.


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      Love the background. I agree with Elightbox about the width, and the color scheme.

      What I notice immediately is a lack of contrast between the background and the add to cart button color. It was hard to find, and even when I found it I had overlooked the price as well. Granted, I was running through pretty fast. But more contrast wouldn't hurt.

      Same problem on shopping cart page, the headers, and buttons get lost a little bit.

      JES Restaurant Equipment


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        Thank you so much elightbox and mtbottens!

        I've made the width 100% and it does showcase the images/products more, but now I think I need bigger thumbnails, font and higher resolution banners for homepage carousel. I'll work on that soon.

        Also changed menu and add to cart button color to a bolder color. Is it too bold now though?

        Oops, about the daily deal. Forgot to set one. Will definitely hide until everything on site is in place.

        Will look into creating a clickable GEOtrust icon.

        Thank you so much to you both. Appreciate your suggestions.
        Fatuma Hydara
        Hydara Fabrics
        Your #1 Stop for Affordable African Fashions


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          One of the biggest items everyone overlooks is visual priority. Every page should have a "next step". What do you want the customer to do next? Make sure that the next step you want the customer to do is visually a priority.

          For example, on the product page, the next step of the customer is to view the product and then add the product to the shopping cart. The visual priority on the page is usually:
          1. Product image
          2. Add to Cart button.

          This means when the product page loads, these two items should stand out over all the other elements of the page.

          You need to think of each page (Home, Category, Product, Cart, Checkout) and determine what you want a customer to do. Validate your webpage highlights these next steps.

          When I look at your product page, there are some boxes are white and some are biege. This is distracting to the visual priority. The Add to Cart button is the same color as the title text. It is also very small and is hard to find.

          When I go to your website, I have to look for "What to do next". The easier you make it for the customer, the less selling friction.

          The Wedding Printer