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FTP Permissions - Adding Templates

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  • FTP Permissions - Adding Templates

    My new store has just one category template (category_0.html)

    I’d like to tweak that template to create some new template designs (category_1.html, etc.)

    However, when I try to upload my new category_1.html template via FTP, I receive a permission denied error warning. The file folder templates/common must be blocked from receiving new files.

    This seems really odd to me since I can FTP to and from other folders easily. And I don’t want to start playing around with permission settings, too dangerous for my limited knowledge.

    Surely there is an easy way to add new templates.

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    You don't put files in the common folder.

    Search lower down in the page for the section on 'common'


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      Goodness, what is wrong with me?

      I think I knew that from when I created my first site a year ago, just forgot. Well, at least this will help others too, I searched the forum and came up empty.

      Thanks so much CBSteven