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  • edit the product page

    does anyone know how to make the product description go above the buy button/add to cart? or does it depend on what template im using?

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    The template will be the starting point, and from there you can edit your template file which will probably be listing_0.html. It requires understanding of HTML, though.


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      alright thanks. I do understand html/css. any idea where in that page it will be?


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        Anytime you are looking at editing a 3dcart page, always start with the Template guide.

        3dcart Design Docs

        The product page details are listed at:

        3dcart Design Docs

        The page contains a picture of a default page with a legend of every variable name(look at bottom of the page). You can then look up the variable name in the code block section to see what to look forward within the code.

        For the extended description you will look for this section in your html:

        HTML Code:
        <!--START: extended_description-->  
        <!--END: extended_description-->
        It will look different because the snippet above does not have any HTML coding It is only the base snippet.

        If you are considering doing any changes to your 3dcart templates, take a moment to understand the page via the template documentation. Once you understand the code blocks for a 3dcart page, you then can build a page anyway you want.

        The Wedding Printer


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          thank you for the info