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Usability Updates to 3dcart Theme Engine

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  • Usability Updates to 3dcart Theme Engine

    In the last quarter of 2013 we announced our New Theme Engine and the transition from table based templates to an HTML5, Table-less and Responsive Theme Engine. The goal: to provide an updated platform to allow merchants and designers to easily implement designs in 3dcart with the use of standard HTML5 elements.

    This new theme engine, along with 10+ Free Themes, was released at the beginning of the year in BETA stage. As we come closer to the official launch, we wanted to share the many usability improvements that will be included as part of this release.

    Based on our experience with 3dcart's thousands of online stores, feedback from our merchants, and advice from a world class usability third party consultant; we're improving the shopping experience of 3dcart ecommerce sites to provide 3dcart users with a competitive advantage.

    These improvements will become the new 3dcart standard, included as default on all our Common Templates. While, thanks to the flexibility of the 3dcart platform, allowing merchants that prefer to keep their current templates or developer their own, to do so.

    You can preview our demo store here,

    With the official launch, we'll be releasing detailed analysis of the improvements done to the different sections, including Home Pages, Category Pages, Product Pages, View Cart and the overall Checkout experience.

    Jimmy Rodriguez

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    Nice layout for a demo store. The design is simple and clean.

    Good Job.

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      Very nice. Looking forward to these improvements. The single page checkout is much cleaner and less confusing.

      yesterday there was a problem with the menu circled in the image on both Chrome and FireFox. It was bouncing up and down. Today it seems fine. Not sure if it was fixed or just an erratic bug!

      I hope you will also address the confusing existing PayPal checkout procedure.
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        Thanks for keeping us posted, hopefully some of the bugs will be worked out soon.

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          Thanks for the update Jimmy. The new template engine looks awesome including some very nice upgrades to the checkout. Do you happen to have an estimated release date?


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            This is a huge upgrade for 3dcart users and alleviates a few concerns I've had about the platform. The checkout looks very good. I'd also be interested in a guestimate of when you think you'll integrate this.


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              Any clue as to why "kylem" post was removed? I re-read it all seemed to be a valid concern in direct relation to the thread? Plus I had a big fat informational response that could benefit many people.
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                Originally posted by 3dcartdesigns View Post
                Any clue as to why "kylem" post was removed? I re-read it all seemed to be a valid concern in direct relation to the thread? Plus I had a big fat informational response that could benefit many people.
                It was definitely a valid concern and a great reply, but these belong on a different thread. I see these are specific to the recent 6.3 version update. Which is not the same as the new templates we're still working on for the Checkout process.

                I did take the feedback for handling templates with new version updates and I think we can figure out a similar way to handle these in the future.

                Thanks for that.


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                  Checking in on the status of the new theme engine. Is this schedule for release soon?


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                    Yes, it's actually expected to be released this week. The HTML5 Themes will be officially out of beta.


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                      Great news! Thanks for the update Jimmy.


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                        Excellent! Thanks for the update.


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                          I am wondering if the new one-page checkout will also be released as well?


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                            Jimmy3d, I am new to 3dCart and am revising one of the older templates to meet my needs and desires. With HTML5 templates coming out of Beta, will those of use using older template be forced to HTML5 sometime down the road? I'd hate to think the many hors I have spent this month setting up my site would be wasted.


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                              Transfer Question to HTML5 - Reviews & Q&A's Remain?

                              We are going to move over to a new HTML5 theme soon, but my question.... We have tons of reviews and Q & A's on our current site.

                              If we transfer to a new HTML5 theme, will those be deleted?

                              Thank you,

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