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    Hi All, first post. Setting up first 3dcart. Setting up online registration for a convention. Can purchase a one or two person package to all events (registration fee included). Can also purchase a la carte from all the events in one or two person options (example - could buy two tickets to just the dinner on Saturday night). When they purchase specific events I need to apply a one-time registration fee in the cart based on whether they purchased one or two person option. So if they purchase two tickets to dinner on Saturday, they'll be charged two registration fees, but won't be charged if they add any more events. Thus the desire to apply some business rules and why a handling fee doesn't solve the dilemma. Has anyone figured out how to attach product or a fee based on what is in the cart? Thanks for your patience if this isn't in the right place.

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    It's kind of confusing to parse this question in paragraph form. Could you give a simple list of possible purchases and prices associated with them?


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      breakdown from what i gather:

      all events two person package = price A
      single event single person = price B + registration fee(one time)x1
      single event two people = price Bx2 + registration fee(one time)x2

      if any options that pay price B are chosen, once a registration fee has been charged, they aren't to be charged the fee again for any further purchases, so setting a flat rate markup on the page is not an option.

      I know this can be done with a little out of the box thinking, some custom script and a cookie or two. If you are interested in this method, please contact me via pm for more information.


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        Choices and Prices

        Here's the purchase options

        Early Bird Registration Package - before January 1, 2013 - $170 per guest, includes registration fee.

        Registration Package - January 2-April 15 - $208 per guest, includes registration fee.

        Individual Events -
        Thursday Welcome Reception - $20 per guest
        Friday Breakfast - $24 per guest
        Friday Lunch - $22 per guest
        Friday Banquet - $37 per guest
        Saturday Breakfast - $24
        Saturday Lunch - $22
        Saturday Banquet = $39
        For each guest, $20 registration fee.

        So, trying to figure out how to add a $20 registration fee if any of the Individual Events are chosen and multiply by number of guests for any choice where more than 1 is selected for quantity. Someone buys one for Friday Breakfast and two for Saturday Breakfast, they get charged two registration fees.

        Appreciate any guidance/ideas.


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          Try using the ONE TIME FEE Product Option, this one will automatically charge a set amount without considering the quantity of the items or the additional options selected.

          You might need to split this product into 2 if the one time fee is different for 1 or 2 person registration.



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            One Time Fee Option

            Thanks Jimmy, that is how I have it set up today. Registration fees are listed as products. I am limiting a session to registering two people, so there are registration fee products for one and for two guests.

            However, users don't have to add these (even if I list them first, someone won't do it) to their cart. Don't think I can force that? So, goal was to make them select products and then based on mix in cart, add a fee(s).

            Tried handling fee approach and that covers for single registration, but not if I have two people in registration and need to double handling fee.