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3dcart Guru Session pleasing experience

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  • 3dcart Guru Session pleasing experience

    I setup a 3dcart guru session recently.

    3dcart Gurus

    I got a gentleman named Ted. Ted was pleasant to speak with and very knowledgeable. He's definitely a 3dcart ambassador!

    Ted showed me a really neat kludge to setup an html editor inside 3dcart.
    With Ted's permission, I thought I would share this idea.

    Go to Settings/design/site content. create a new page in the menu links section . Testeditor would be a good name for the new page. Now check the box to hide the link.

    Click "Content" to go into the page. you will see a WYSIWYG editor on the page content. You can now paste template html code into this editor and edit it. You can switch WYSIWYG modes on and off. See it and see the html code. In the upper left hand corner of the WYSIWYG

    So what is the big deal? Since the editor is on your domain, it displays correctly and shows codeblocks and variables used to display the page items.